I am trying to finish a novel.

I’m currently slogging along through some brand new territory : the middle.  

Usually I quit at the point where that making-out-for-the-first-time feeling disappears and is replaced by work.

It’s a classic case of what a friend of mine calls “lazy and scared.”  

This time, I want to finish.  

I’m 31.

I’m not so busy curing cancer or moderating peace talks that I can’t make time to do this. 

I would really like to be able to say that I am a writer. 

I should probably, at some point before I die, make a commitment and finish something. 

I’ve spent the last few months researching, dicking around, writing bits and pieces of drafts,  sitting down and writing every day. 

It’s starting to take…but I know I’m addicted to quitting.

This blog is part of my attempt to finish, to be accountable to myself on the good old  internets, and hopefully to meet some other people out there trying to finish their  projects as well. 

Let’s say hello!  Let’s have a coffee and talk about great reads, terrible problems, useful prompts or revision techniques, inspirations or sound advice. 

Let’s do a tequila shot and pull our frigging hair out, some days, but let’s keep on writing,  and finish that novel. 

PS.  I stole the name of my blog from the wonderful lyrics of Elvis Costello.

Here are a few more:   “Every day.  Every day.  Every day I write the book.”


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