The dealio

My current plan of attack is to wrestle two red binders full of free writing, brainstorming, background, and slightly different variations on scenes into a rough draft.

My goal is three pages a day,  and hopefully I’ll have a draft by September 1.

So far so good, although I did fall off the bandwagon one day already, and today’s section is turning into a monster.  A monster!

When it’s monster-time, I try to remind myself why I fell in love with this idea in the first place. 

Reason number one: 

So far my research includes articles on the 19th Century Calcutta UK jute trade and Merchant Navy, death mask making, pretty shoes, Simeon Solomon, conjoined twins,  the order in which babies’ teeth typically grow in,  reading Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’ and watching a youtube video entitled ‘how to hide your boner.’


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