I thought it was  funny that I solved a major ‘Why the hell is this character even THERE?’ question in the shower today.

 Like… um… which philosopher or scientist was it who yelled ‘eureka’ in the bathtub?

You never know when an idea will sort itself out.

I’m starting to feel like I’m finally on track for this particular draft- I’ve  knit up a few more plot holes.  I’m becoming more ruthless weeding out excess and showing, through specific props, specific actions.. fewer, better-chosen words…  

Just like they say in Inception:  Spe-ci-fic-it-y! 

That being said, it’s slap on the hand time.  I’ve been very undisciplined the last couple of days.  I spent two days without working for any longer than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time.  Binge and purge:  I followed up the non productive day with a 1:00 a.m. burst of polishing old scenes, creating new ones.   

I’m building props for a friends’ play, and firing off applications for various crappy jobs around town, so  I’m distracted and a bit stressed. 

(I HATE job hunting. Especially here in my home town.  Where my high school exes, who no doubt have luxury cars, trophy wives and accomplished children by now,  will for some reason step up to whatever counter I end up at, just to laugh at me and my inevitable polyester uniform.  Perhaps hairnet.  All of my poor life choices literally coming back to haunt me?  All at once?  Frigging marvellous.)

But back to writing! 

I have to focus.  Re-focus.  Again.

This week’s mad method:  I’m combing through my binders, notes and ‘draft zero’ scenes,  scrubbing and tightening as I go,  and arranging them in roughly chronological order in… the new binder!  The official draft 1 binder!  I’m not planning on telling  the story in chronological order; this is just to help me keep track of ‘my people’, to make the remaining plot holes more evident.    

I’m also  in the process of re writing an entire secondary character into a slightly different version of himself.  Poor guy.  I’ve given him so many body and personality transplants already.  But it’s all in the name of a good yarn, right?  

Highlights of the week:  an excellent Victorian exclamation about the fall of Rome, a new, more visual entrance for above-mentioned secondary guy, and a fantastical  Day of the Dead/ 12th Night/Lourdes/Gunship salute themed burial for one of my dearly departed leads.


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