so close…

I took a couple days off writing this week.  My real life had taken over, time-wise, and  progress had been so snaily snaily slow, that it seemed more worth it to give my brain some down time than to try and force things.  And do you know… over the couple days off, my brain seems to have kept things on the back burner and slowly been working away at some tangles and holes.  All by itself!  Go subconscious me!

I am mere scenes away from my first draft!  It is a super huge mess, and it’s not done by Sept 1, obviously, but I think that if I can get it in the can and let it sit for a week or two, the second draft is going to be much less like torture.  Or at least maybe the torture sessions will be more spaced out by sessions of awesomeness.

Ok.  Bed time for me.   Sleep! Oh  yesssssss…..


3 responses to “so close…

  1. I think that it’s crucial to writers to take a few days off here and there (too many, and I’ve found that it breaks my stride, but a few helps me see the situation better). I think you make a great point about your subconscious keeping the wheels going. I love when that happens because I still feel like I’m being productive even if I’m not necessarily writing. I think sometimes we’re so close to the story that we can’t really see it objectively, so it’s healthy to take a few steps back.

    As someone who has just started working on my second draft (I’m about 50 pages in), let me tell you that I’m enjoying it so much more (at least for now).

    And also, yay for almost being done! It’s a great feeling to get that first draft finished. Good luck!

  2. thanks so much! This story and I need some apart time to save our relationship, haha
    I am so excited about joining club second draft.

  3. Go Club Second Draft!! It’s totally better than Club I Want To Write A Novel Someday.

    Good job!

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