draft one and a half??

Aaaaaah I am that ouro bouros snake that munches its own butt!  Every time I whip out the old w.i.p., I start to think ‘oh, but I should add this, and move this, and I need to clarify this, and this character isn’t the same as when they were going to do this, dude, where’s my mood?’

And repeat repeat repeat.

I just want to be able to say  “draft one is finished”.

I guess what I’m asking is– is it a legitimate writer-thing to say “ok, enough’s enough for now”  even if I can still see flaws?

There is a lot wrong with my story,  but what I really feel like doing is getting it done, letting it sit for a couple of weeks, going to town on all the edits I can personally think of, then sending it off to some readers.  That sound about right?

I mean technically I could just dick around with this thing non-stop for years, but I might be reaching the limits of what I can perceive and fix without some actual feedback. 

Anyone else got themselves caught in this loop before?  How did you get out?


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