What do you write about while you’re giving yourself a break from your w.i.p?

I’ve been sitting down every day and just free writing– anything I’ve thought of re. the current story, little events or images from my day.  Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? 

I’m worried that if I start a new project, that first kiss feeling will tempt me to ditch the old ball and chain, haha


3 responses to “question…

  1. I’d say you don’t have to write anything when you’re taking a break, but a lot of other people would say you should keep writing SOMETHING. In that case, I think what you’re doing to keep yourself in practice is good. If you wanted, maybe you could find some writing exercises online and do some of those (a lot of them involve working with your current WIP, but not all).

    Love how you phrased the first kiss/temptation thing, haha. That definitely almost happened to me in between! I’ve got the first 15 pages of something else done and now I’m just sitting and waiting until November. That’s going to be my nanowrimo ’10 project 🙂 Good luck! – Renee

  2. When I finished my first draft, I read some novels I’d been wanting to read. And I kept blogging. I did whatever would keep me charged up about writing.

    Since you posted this about a month ago, what did you do? Did it work?

  3. I’ve been reading a few books, way too many blogs, and not being very disciplined about writing. I would write down alternate or better scenes, plot redo ideas, write about the problems I could see in the story. Sometimes I would try to observe an everyday thing in a new way (for me) while going about life in general.

    I cheated and started revising way too early (according to some people on some writing blogs, haha) To be honest, my first draft was not as complete as I think it could have been.

    Did it work? Mmmmmm… I keep feeling swamped because I’m not being methodical ‘one issue at a time’ enough with it. But I haven’t quit yet, so I would say 50-50 🙂

    The revision/notes/rethink is going well, I feel like I’m moving forward. Hopefully a couple more drafts and the thing will be doing what I wanted it to do.

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