The writing week…

Bad me:  I am spending a lot more time reading blogs on revising than actually putting post it and red pen to paper. 

Good me:  I am turning up some gems!  I felt completely overwhelmed and unable to clean up my messy ms this time last week, but now the excitement is creeping back in.

I think I really needed to let the thing sit a little longer.    

This week I will try: 

Replacing ‘telling’ in dialogue with ‘action plus a bit of inner monologue’



I found some Inception-sized, Russian-doll-nesting past events in my story. When I arrange the scenes chronologically, the tension just disappears.  Or deflates.  ‘Pllllth.”   I decided to pay attention to my current reads, and see how kickass writers handle this kind of a thing.  Did you know… in Kavalier and Clay,  Michael Chabon rocks the flashback-within-a-flashback right where I was going to start doing so- chapta two!  Chabon is awesome, therefore I feel it is ok for me to go ahead and try this out.  (Results may vary, haha…)

I have noticed that all this writing and revising is making me a more attentive reader.  I am better able to articulate why I find certain scenes and phrases Just!  So!  Awesome!

Little things occur to me that I would probably have overlooked before; for example, my character in the play I am rehearsing refers to other characters by name, but at no point does she actually learn their names from dialogue onstage.

Baby steps, right?


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