Further Reading…

I’ve realized that I need bigger/faster/better research on a few details and locations for my novel. Instead of being daunted by my reality vs alternate reality situation, I am finding some new paths into points of my story.

For example, I set some scenes at an imaginary stone circle on an island my character visits. I named the site the Three Sisters, and decided they were the last stones standing in the circle. My character’s family is having a bit of a die off/ scatter away problem, you see…

Google has informed me that there really are several ancient stone circles, standing stones, and cairns on the real-life island. One of them—unnamed– is three standing stones spaced about 200m apart. One stone is whole, one is broken in half, and one was apparently smashed up and used to build a nearby dyke sometime in the 17th or 18th century. Feisty sister, troubled brother and dead twin brother, anyone? Yee frigging haaa!

Other research this week includes 19th C home remedies for the scarlet fever sufferer. Dang, I am glad I was born when I was born, and not some earlier time, despite the nifty dresses. So many ways to die. Going through this story makes me stop and appreciate how easy I have it, compared to folks in the past, and folks who are living and working outside of the tiny bit of ultra rich, luxurious North America I have the fortune to call home.


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