a bad case of the bleurgs

This week sucked!
I’m having fun in real life: we actually went out and had a social life (!) this weekend, and next weekend I’m performing in a stage version of Night of the Living Dead.
My writing week, however, was terrible.
Boo urns.
I kept plugging away at draft two, despite the severe nature of the suckiness. I had to take a lot of characters and subplots back to the drawing board in the opening of my story… which will of course mean I have to do the same for the middle and end… I had fun creating alternative versions of scenes that didn’t really work in draft one, and I’m trying out more specific verbs and different points of view in an effort to show rather than tell. Overall, though, I feel more and more discouraged with my original draft and idea the further I go in revisions, and things just feel tired and stale and forced. I wants me some sparkle… and apparently this week I can’t have it.
Here’s to the slog. I really hope this means there’s a a ‘my goodness, I am a GENIUS’ weeks coming my way soon, haha


2 responses to “a bad case of the bleurgs

  1. Keep at it. I think those weeks are fairly common πŸ™‚

    Are you familiar with Scrivener? There’s a free trial you can download, but it’s supposed to be really good especially if you have a lot of research going along with what you’re writing. You might want to check it out. I just downloaded the nanowrimo trial and I’ve been having fun playing with it – the character sketches and all of the neat features it has.

    Happy editing! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the encouragment. I’m not being very method-metho- crap, what’s the word? Sticking-to-method or organised about working this week, just trying to sit down and bang out a scene or write about my problems with the story. Next week will be major re focus time. I know you’re supposed to chisel out that sacred writing time no matter what, but between the two jobs and the show, this week has literally nowhere to be chiselled-at.

    A new toy to play with? A new free toy? Oh noes. I’ll probably go check it out…..

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