Action Jackson Raises the Stakes

Does anyone else ever get stuck on the question of action and motivation for your characters?
Maybe it’s because of the bang-bang jump cut nature of film and tv, or because I’ve mainly been reading advice for writers of adventurous tales, but I’m feeling underwhelmed by the amount of action in my ms. THAT being said… the characters in it are not credible running/leaping/double sideways gun and matrix style judo chop action types.

I’m having trouble raising the stakes for my characters: there are no evil alien overlords waiting to laser beam them if they don’t achieve wee sub-plot crisis A. There is no life or death armageddon style risk, not even a single-person-dying risk, for crisis B.
Is ‘wanting to be a mother’ and ‘wanting to be treated x way’ enough of a character motivation?
Is ‘possibly losing your friends and having to move to another city if you are found out’ enough of a risk?

I know I’ve read good books where a lot of the stakes and risks are more domestic/family centred… why have I suddenly persuaded myself I am incapable and should not even be thinking about writing one?


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