the great bleurg of aught-ten

I’m still in official out-of-love, bleurg mode.
NaNoEdMo has fallen by the wayside big-time. I read Writing down the Bones and decided to do a NaNoNoNo instead: I’m filling up a notebook by the end of the month. So far I’m on track to meet deadline, I have pages and pages of little details and bits of dialogue from my story.
I haven’t given up on my story, but I have a terrible feeling I need to burn it all down and build her up again from scratch.
I think it’s because I didn’t set up strong enough choices and motivations for my leads. The thing is just meandering, the few strong scenes I have just aren’t enough to prop up the giant jelly wobbly mass of the rest of it.
There is a giant however to add to this, however; it could also be my lifelong habit of scrapping everything and running away when things start to get tough. Self sabotage? I had a feeling I might be up to my old tricks. I’m currently being dragged down the dirt road via this rope hanging off the back-bumper of the bandwagon… I’m going to do my best action movie stunt and try and pull myself back on board, haha.
Hope everyone else is having a grand and productive writing week!


3 responses to “the great bleurg of aught-ten

  1. If it makes you feel any better, my editing went by the wayside this month, too, while I’m working on Novel #2. But at least you’re still writing something, even if it’s notes and dialogue and so forth. All productive stuff. I can understand how you’d feel completely overwhelmed, though. Kinda makes you wonder why we enjoy suffering through writing, huh? 😉 Best of luck to you!

  2. Also… isn’t it amazing how our personal habits make their way into our writing habits? When you said about the tendency to give up and run when things get tough, I thought about how my complete inability to be cool about goodbyes and endings follows me. I suck at saying goodbyes when I know I won’t see people for a while. I suck at dealing with endings on any level. This has translated to my writing and left me with a lot of anxiety about finishing my stories – mostly because I never know how to do the endings.

  3. I think you have a point- writing definitely brings out the best and ‘worst’ parts of my character, haha. What a frigging weird thing to do for free in our spare time. Thanks for the encouragement!

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