you gotta hit it with a hammer to start it…

What an unproductive few weeks.
I sat around on the compy and did everything but write.
I talked myself out of doing my current novel.
I signed up for and tried to get the requisite 50 posts to be allowed to post a few things for critique…
but you know… I’m not sure it’s for me. It’s a really huge board, which makes for more ‘everyone posting in a row’ and less discussion. It also makes it hard to establish enough of a relationship where I would personally feel comfortable showing my work and trusting the advice I get.
I’ve also run across some… uh, questionable posts. I’m sure it’s the same as anywhere, 99.9 percent good folks and .01 percent people who are difficult to get along with, but overall I feel a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing.
On the other hand, having a go at critiquing a few short excerpts from other people’s stuff has helped me to sharpen my pencils for my own story.
So the novel is back on, yo.
ALSO I figured out how to get out of the spot where I’m stuck.
Much like when my car is stuck in the snow-
If you can’t go forward, rock’er back.
At the front end, I’m stuck on chapter 2, and have been for a couple of weeks.
I got a few brainwaves for the end of the story (which was causing me huuuuge amounts of indecisive, procrastinatey angst)
and so far working backwards seems to be the way forward.

Oh yeah that just happened.
Booooo, what a terrible joke. I’m probably the kind of person who ruins message boards for everyone else, haha.
Happy writing week everybody


2 responses to “you gotta hit it with a hammer to start it…

  1. Enjoyed this post. Good luck 🙂

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