needs some flaw

I’m not going to jinx myself by announcing I got my groove back,
but I made a ‘new story’ folder on good old Word and I have been plugging away at least 1000 words a day with another working doc of the same old story. I’m playing one of my main characters as more of a manipulative bastard this time around – I think I made him too nice and polite last time. So far so good, it’s helped me to tighten up a plot point and conflict or two, to throw his love interest into sharper focus, and to give my other MC more choices to make/actions to take.
May be time to axe a couple of beloved supporting cast members. You never can tell.
Oh and I think I accidentally invited another contemporary time-and-place celebrity to the party.
Literally a party. I think Annie Dillard or Joyce Carol Oates or someone famous advises skipping party scenes… but you know what? If I avoided every kind of scene mentioned by writers giving advice, I bet I technically wouldn’t be allowed to tell any story at all.
Plllth. So party on Wayne. I served up more cognac and cigars than last time around, too.

I have a couple of characters scrapping about art for a bit. To be fair, they are both either working or trying to get work as artists, they disagree about what each other is trying to do, and the dialogue is pretty short lived… may have got in a good zinger about using ‘bourgeoisie’… but I was worried I was telling instead of showing. Cue to later today, taking a peek at the latest cheap paperback we keep on the back of the toilet (yeah, I’m a toilet reader)
What to my wondering eyes did appear… paragraph after paragraph of the author ranting about religious institutions- barely disguised as characters arguing while they travel from one setting to another…
Seriously, this isn’t sour grapes, it IS THAT BAD and THAT THINLY VEILED. Well, my little argument about art doesn’t even begin to go there.
So as long as I don’t go there, my story can be only the second worst thing I’ve ever read today. And hey, better than bottom of the ladder is good enough for me right now πŸ™‚

On the super novel dissection lab… meh!
My mission to take apart Michael Chabon and look at all his lovely bits may continue at a later date. πŸ™‚ Got to try some of his ways for conveying enormous amounts of character with very few words- he describes the things one of his characters was most renowned for doing at a younger age, which immediately makes me feel I know and ‘get’ the dude. He’s also very detailed about what people like to eat. (and therefore choke on when EXCITING THINGS HAPPEN!) da da daaaa

Happy Sunday


2 responses to “needs some flaw

  1. Love it.

    Can’t remember if I ever told you, but in place of Word, I hiiiiiiighly recommend using Scrivener. You might be able to download a free trial of it. I think the website is, but if you just Google Scrivener, it’ll come up. It’s built specifically for novelists. It’s got a place to keep research and organize all of the info. You can keep snippets and synopses on index cards and then you can easily rearrange scenes just by dragging and dropping (and the document will alter to suit). I can’t imagine writing without it now. It allows me to look at one piece at a time when I edit, too, which is a LOT less overwhelming. I’d say it’s been one of my best investments recently, haha.

    That was my plug.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! I’ve been so deep into my job search recently (I’ve been designing my own web resume to apply for social media-related jobs… oy) that I haven’t had time to work on the novel. I need to set myself a goal of something like “I will write 3 sentences today” and then I will either feel really terrible about myself for not managing to do that, or I’ll feel really terrible for being an underachiever (which is better than being a slacker extraordinaire like I have been, I suppose). πŸ™‚

    • You have tempted me with this pretty shiny Scrivener before.
      I tried the free-trial but it kept crashing on me.
      I was intrigued by the little video demo of the non free edition, which looked slick and super fun.
      Maybe some day…
      Apparently this month everything is breaking and everything must cost a thousand dollars, so doesn’t look like I’ll get to take ‘er for a spin anytime soon.
      Still, it’s on the radar…
      coooooool tooooooys

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