Connective tissue

You want to know one of the problems with my story?
One of the many, many problems?
I have all of these great little moments and details, but it all falls apart at the seams. No transitions. No strong arc. Forgot to make the armature before putting on the papier mache, or what have you.

Giant structural problems. Looks like a big old jellyfish washed up on the beach.
I gots me some more learning to do. Although I guess being able to ID the enemy, or part of it, is a start. Right? Right?
Happy Sunday!


2 responses to “Connective tissue

  1. I feel like I might have this same issue. Except I haven’t had time to work on my novel in so long that I can’t quite remember. This makes me feel terrible. I really need to do that. And soon.

    (Don’t you love how the internet proves to be such an excellent motivator even as it is the king of time suckage?)

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