No news is good news

Dudes, I have done big fat NOTHING novel-wise since my last post here.
Stagnant, atrophied, talked-self-out-of, you name it, I gots it. Or is it. It applies to the things, ok?

And do you know what, dear writer and reader friends? If you don’t get your effing draft down on paper and get working on it, you will slowly surely see your little scenes and points and themes done much more skillfully, much more finished-ly, on tv, in other books, in well-written articles by folks with the same kind of ideas. And you may in fact want to kick yourself just that little bit harder.


Time to rip out that built in bookcase I really like, pack up the wedding china, bulldoze ‘er down and start from scratch. Try for a real foundation and finished basement this time,yo.

New deadline Sept. 1.
The mission? A first draft that another human being could read. With sentences. With page numbers.
This time I have to put my head down and plough through. I lose my enthusiasm and confidence so quickly. I’ve noticed with other makesy-projects, like scarves, or painting rooms, that if I give myself time off from the project, I rarely come back to finish it.

Hopefully I’ll be passing a stack full of pages to another human being to read on Sept. 2. (there may be a brief struggle where they have to pry it from my sweaty, shaky hands, haha) Let’s see.


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