so stuck

and no clue on how to get unstuck.
I have a sneaky suspicion the ‘never working on it’ may be most of the problem.

Did a couple pages of free writing about the idea tonight. Have to start at the bottom of the hill. Again.

How do you know for sure when it’s just your own laziness getting in the way of finishing, or if the idea isn’t actually right to begin with?

I’m not allowed to scrap it until it’s finished, ‘actually right’ or not.

The serial quitting is getting me down. I don’t look back on my life and see a lot of finished things. Only things I started and abandoned. It is, friends, no way to go about business in general.


3 responses to “so stuck

  1. I have the same problem. I think until you finish it, you might not know whether it’s the idea or you. When I finally finished my NaNo ’09 novel, I realized it was my idea, haha. In the process of figuring that out though, I improved as a writer (at least I think).

    Now if only I could motivate myself to start working regularly on that second one again… 🙂

  2. I’ve beaten myself up for not working enough. But there are times when doing little or nothing is part of my creative process. It’s very difficult to distinguish which is which.

    FWIW, Brian Eno encourages artists to cultivate our individual processes, with all the doing and not doing we require. He says, “The point about working is not to produce great stuff all the time, but to remain ready for when you can.” Some days we’ll be hammering away on our word processors, and other days we’ll be surfing Facebook for distraction and inspiration.

    • I just have to up the ratio of days hammering to days doing little or nothing.
      Thanks for the link! (and for stopping by)
      I have been listening to an obnoxious amount of David Byrne/Brian Eno on the youtubes lately. Yeah, think I’m gonna go dance around to Strange overtones one more time. Then I will TOTALLY work on something…

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