Well that totally didn’t happen.

September and October, where art thou?

I’ve been acting in a zombie play (gross!), taking care of business at the shop while my boss deals with a family illness (grown up!), sitting in front of my brand new fake-daylight lamp every morning trying to keep the SAD away (weird!).
Pretty much anything but writing.
I’m cringing. I don’t want to tell you writerly types how much I bombed on goals the last couple months.

In good news, since we last blog-talked, the husband figured out his employment situation. This means, among other things, that he will be joining me in the UK when I go to visit my family this April.

In addition to family places, we’re taking a side trip to ONE OF THE PLACES WHERE ONE OF MY CHARACTERS COMES FROM. This is the geekiest, least-sane thing I have ever spent money on. But it’s the Inner Hebrides. Hebrides! And there are seven distilleries. Seven! Distilleries!

I’m hoping a few research stops in the motherland will help me glue down my loose bits of story.

I’ve been struggling with this tale for going on two years, and I think a big part of the struggle is that I went far beyond what I know. Different time, different culture. I worry Victorian London is too far out of my league and beyond my research skills to pull off. Well, to pull off well. (I have some family connections on that side of the pond, they are very much not from the 1800s. And not from London. I despise shitty dialogue and worry that I am perpetrating it through lack of immersion…)

On the other hand, I don’t want to abandon this thing until there is something to abandon. Got to finish, even if it sucks bag!

Here is my to-be-or-not-to-be question to you: finish the draft, stick it in a drawer until April, do some quick fact and atmosphere check and then release it on innocent reader friends?

Or try something different until then and revisit later?

I’m thinking option A. All my other excuses sound like classic get-out-of-doing-it talk.

I wish the damn magic writing gnomes would break into my house and do the work I sleep. There’s a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen they could tackle, too.


One response to “Well that totally didn’t happen.

  1. Holy crap, you and I both got SO BUSY at the SAME TIME. (weeeiiirrrd…)

    Finish that draft! I failed miserably at Camp NaNoWriMo in August. And I didn’t even bother saying that I was going to do NaNoWriMo this month. Too much to do with my freelance work.

    This reminds me that I’m long overdue to write a blog post.

    And hello… how AWESOME that you’re going on a trip to visit character locations!? So jealous. It’s going to be awesome. Dorky-awesome, but awesome, and I would totally do it too 🙂

    Sorry this is about 18 days too late.

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