Working it out

This evening I was at my first yoga class in about two years. I was digging the incense/sweaty feet smell. I was relaxing in the candlelight, focusing on different elephants in the cotton wall hanging of circles of elephants dancing around circles of flowers. I was listening to the whale-talk sounds of my mat-neighbours’ gurgling stomachs…
I missed this. Felt like a million bucks to spend some time with my body and breath.
At the end of the class, chilling out with my legs and butt up against a wall, I thought of a bit to get me through a rough spot in my book.

Yoga. Good for un-stucking all yer bits.

In reading books news this week, an ‘oh HELLLL YEAH’ and a ‘yes, yes! YES!’ for Patrick DeWitt’s The Sisters Brothers. A very Cohen brothers western. It was so fun to read. I was late to work so many times because of this one…


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