Mischief and big fails.

I’ve been dicking around instead of restarting my story.  I have decided it would be better to have a shitty, finished story than no story at all.  And on that note, to my notebook!  I’m taking a page out of my husband’s book for 2012:  “if you’re gonna fail, fail BIG”.   Need to get risky, or I’ll be dead and nothing will be done first. Happy Saturday!


One response to “Mischief and big fails.

  1. Not a bad philosophy at all 🙂 — by the way… re: Twitter … I think you totally should! Actually, it’s a good place to connect with a writing community too. You can follow authors and other people doing the same thing you’re doing AND people who pass along writing advice, etc. etc.

    I love it for that. Although I will say that it takes some time to get used to and really see the point. Most people are all… “I don’t get it and no one talks to me” and two weeks in they quit, haha.

    So duh, if you sign up, you absolutely have to tell me!

    Good luck with your writings!

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