summer wastin’

Zero writing.  Oh, my dears.  Oh, my ducks.

But I am making hundreds of paper flowers for a movie premiere gala.

Then I am making 24 rose bouttonieres for gentlemen appearing in the movie at the gala.

There will be limos and photographers… which will come in handy for portfolio shots.  I Maaaaaay be opening my own flower design shop in the next year. No, you know what? Fuck ‘may’. Am. Will. Shall. Plans underway. I need to do this. I need to try something, even if I fail the something. I’m going to be 35. Then I’m going to be 40. It’s how these things work, you see.

Also, attending said gala with husband.  I wear sneakers and steel toes.  I must purchase heels.  I must purchase adhesive products and attach them to my boobs in such a way that said boobs will not spill out of dress.

Results TBA. 



2 responses to “summer wastin’

  1. Jennifer Worrell

    Free the girls! They will enjoy the spillage, and so will your husband:)

  2. One of the girls tried to do a runner, but a helpful friend caught me and sent me to the ladies’ room post-haste. I ended up wearing these things called silicone petals- they are like little mutant jellyfish that sit on your nipples. SO STRANGE! I decided to pair them with a sexy pair of bike short looking shorts. Every woman I spoke to about the good old undergarments was sporting spanks, shorts, some kind of weird adhesive. I begged my younger friend in her early 20s to tell me- TELL ME!- that she at least was wearing some kind of thong or victoria’s secret confection under her gown, but no. Granny pants. My scientific conclusion- the sexier the dress, the weirder the underoos.

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