Best/worst excuse.

I started talking to someone who reminded me of a character in my novel.  My super unfinished going on two and a half years novel.  So I decided I better not do it any more.  Again.

What’s your best/worst excuse you’ve used to talk yourself out of something?  (may not apply to anyone I interact with here, actually.  What a bunch of stick with it finishers you all are.)


On a side note, I do some things that ARE awesome.

For example, I threw a pair of pants into my hotel trash can in Paris, because I wanted more room in my suitcase for wine, cheese, and foie gras. 

The end.


One response to “Best/worst excuse.

  1. My #1 excuse: “This can’t take priority over everything else I’ve got going on.” (Eventually I get to the point of wondering what DOES take priority versus what SHOULD take it.)

    A close second: “This isn’t the direction I’m going anymore.” Might be true sometimes. Other times… I might just be making excuses.

    Look on the bright side: At least you’re still thinking about that novel and maybe feeling a little guilty for letting it get away (for now). I hardly have time to think about mine, much less work on it anymore… but I’m not really sure it’s still the direction that I’m heading in. 😉

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